Our Team

Jennefer Lear

Jennefer was riding horses before she could walk. As part of the Lear Stables heritage, she was fortunate to be able to have horses in her life on a daily basis.
With a background in education as well as being a certified trainer, Jennefer’s calm demeanor and keen eye for form are part of what makes her a premiere riding instructor. She can help her rider see what is needed and gently guides them to the proper course of action to get the results they are after.
A regular yogi herself she sees the marriage of riding and yoga as a natural fit.
“There are a lot of parallels between a yoga lesson and a riding lesson. Fine adjustments and lots of attention to breathing and focusing the mind are what is needed to become a successful rider.”

Andrew Seifert

Andrew grew up raising Saddlebred horses on Iron Horse Farms. After a long hiatus from horses, he was fortunate to run into the Lear family at an event and after one trip to the barn with his daughter Grace, horses have become a regular part of their lives. As a yoga instructor Andrew calls on several traditions to help riders become more aware of how they interact with their horses and to help them improve their state of mind both in the saddle and in daily life.
“ The idea of calming the mind and tuning in to the body with yoga is what allows us to really listen to what our horse is telling us. Being aware of what they are doing and not reacting to it but rather consciously working with them is what we are striving to do. And when it works and we see riders successfully make theses changes... well, that is what makes this work so rewarding”

Mya Lear

Part of the industry since her first steps, Mya is a gifted assistant trainer and has led many horses to win performances. As an assistant trainer, she looks at all the ways she can help her clients have the best rides possible.
In workshops, Mya's ability to see areas that a rider needs to work on, helps to focus them on what is important.
Her ability to see the possibility in each horse and rider make her an invaluable part of the team.

Grace Seifert

Starting at age 6, Grace has immersed herself in the equine world.

She has been working with several breeds of horses. She is a Senior at Minnetonka and a student a Concordia as well.
Grace takes part in our workshop and helps get riders set up for our clinics.

Brittany Chaffee

As part of our demo team, Brittany brings years of experience in riding and horsemanship. An award-winning author, Brittany pulls on her experience with horses and the emotions they evoke to add new depth to her writing.
2020 will be her year in the ring with a new saddlebred partner.

Alex Ezaki

Alex Ezaki was drawn to the art of massage after observing the effect it had on a horse she was rehabilitating. Not only was there a marked physical improvement, but an increase in trust and willingness to engage in rehabilitative training was also observed.
It is my goal to use my combined knowledge of bodywork, kinesiology, and team training to demonstrate the power of the human-horse connection. and willingness to engage in rehabilitative training was also observed.