On-Site Classes

Let us come to your location and offer your group an equine centric experience. From one time classes to regular sessions we can help your riders have a deeper connection to themselves and their horses.

One time class


Classes focus on motion and relaxation to help riders become more aware of how their bodies and motion impact the horse. We work on centering our bodies, thoughts and emotions.

60 - 90 minutes



In workshops, we dive further into the mechanics of the relationship with the rider and the horse. We work on the mat and then with the horses. Riders start to see how they can change their thoughts and bodies and have the horse interact with them differently.


Call For Pricing

1 or 2-day intensive work. We cover behavior, mechanics and our own thoughts about our interactions with our horses. There will be writing exercises as well as work on the mat and in the saddle.

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Hosted classes at our partner facilities

Keep an eye on our schedule as we take our practice to stables around the area

Hosted Yoga Classes at the Stables


A great way to socialize with equine people. Classes are designed to make you aware of areas that are important to build up and areas that need to be loosened up in order to have a great ride.

Hosted Yoga Workshops at the Stables


When available, join us at workshops we have scheduled at our partner facilities.

Equine BEMER VET Presentations


Join us and learn more about this amazing technology and see how it works. The BEMER VET has been proven to:

•Increase Performance and Energy
•Improve microcirculation
•Support parasympathetic processes in the organism
•Promote relaxation and regeneration after exertion
•Optimize exercise through increased suppleness
•Helps prevent and increase defense against infection

If you want to find out if this is a path for your horse join us! Anyone signing up for at least 3 sessions of BEMER will get a refund on the class.

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BEMER Session - Equine

Bemer uses a patented PEMF wave form to gently promote increased vasomotion in the horse. This increased flow help the horses get into a parasympathetic rest state that allows them to release tension throughout the entire body. The increased blood flow also helps reduce inflammation and lets sore muscles, joints and connective tissues repair themselves. The target applications work on joints, stifles and other areas that are need of a little attention.

Onsite Sessions


5-15 MN Session for the whole body.

Targeted Application with BEMER Vet Cuff


5 -15 mn application for specific areas.

Trip Charge


Within 25 Miles of Minneapolis. Waived if four or more horses sessions are booked during visit.

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BEMER Session - Human

10-15 MN Session that increases microcirculation leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed. The targets application treatments allow for reduction in discomfort and improved

Bemer Full Body Session


8 mn Session that improves vasomotion and promotes a 30% increase in microcirculation. Session effects stay present for 12-16 hours post-session.

Targeted Applications


Application of BEMER signal to specific areas using the B-Pad or B-Spot. Designed to provide direct signal to areas that are experiencing tightness or discomfort.

BEMER Body and Targeted Application Package


Both BEMER sessions at once.

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