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Bringing you and your horse together

Everyone wants to have a great experience with each horse. Our mission is to help that occur. With a long history in raising and training horses, Jennefer brings a keen eye for how a rider can have a better posture in the saddle.

With years of experience in the yoga world, Andrew brings his experience with horses and using yoga as a way to help the rider and horse connect. Together, they launched this mission to help riders and horses have better experiences with each other.

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Max had 2 tenoscopies in 2017 and after starting BEMER session in 2018, he's now able to enjoy his life and spend time out with other pasture friends.

Lisa Skains

Muligan Manor

Gladiator loves his BEMER sessions. All of our horses benefit from them, but Glad is a ham for the camera. We know it helps him get those blue ribbons

Mikayla M.

Knowles Creek Farm

I have noticed an increase in her suppleness and flexibility when she is working, Her recovery time after a workout also seems to be shorter.

Judy Oelson

Renaissance Girl

All of our horse get BEMER sessions weekly and they love it. It has helped them stay focused in the ring and performing at top level.

Mya Lear

Lear Stables

Casper got a lot of benefit from his sessions, more focused and relaxed. Its a regular service at the stables and a must at the shows.

Mandy M.

Empyrean Stables

A big Thank You to Andrew Seifert for coming out today and working his science on us! His Bemer system has been fantastic for our horses and people alike!!

Cory E.

Bob Jensen Stables

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BEMER -Equine Appt
15 min | $25

Bemer Human

Bemer On site
20 min| $25

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